Self- Reflecting Poem by Laquory Jones

Self- Reflecting

Rating: 2.5

Sometimes I ask questions why do we fall down
In Life I've fallen a couple of times upon the sharpest
Edges of knives insecurities continues to eat me alive
Will I even barely survive I'm barely surviving others
Seem to be thriving no matter how many times that I'm
Trying just because we see tears does that mean we as
People are really crying I've asked this myself emotionally
But emotions are well kept are emotions even felt
So many people are hitting me below the belt its time
To take care of one's self hearts will never melt even
When one's in need of dire help I'm just your conscience
I'm just speaking nonsense the brain you are always racking
The door that you need to open I'm your passages of time
The kid you kept inside all of this time that you'll hope to
Forget your past and regrets your pain and secrets

Am I turning up the heat yet as the burns ignites your seat
We all have to sit down to some degree
This I've decreed but all we do is bleed
No one's taking heed it becomes an non-ending
Battle Now on to important matters
Have I stated anything non-factual
My word is honest now get upon this
I haven't rest perhaps My mind's in duress
Maybe this is all just a dream it had never occurred
To me that I would be talking to millions prophesying
My words to the billions people have told me
With Pain comes with healing but isn't it chilling

I still can't look into mirrors I might be succumbing
To my inner darkness as I see its reflections
Life's veering me into different directions
Maybe I've already lost myself completely
To whom am I speaking I'm starting to feel
Like parts of me are missing but no one's
Listening maybe I'm in need of a Christening
At Once no need for it to pile upon me at
Once while in a new dawn of the setting Suns


Thursday, September 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: honesty,life,life and death,self discovery
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