Seeds Of Kindness Poem by Annabel Cruz

Seeds Of Kindness

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Every seed of kindness
That you plant today
Will one day
Be a bouquet 
That they'll lay
Upon your grave
For no one is loved
For the money that they've made
No one is remembered
For the people they've betrayed
It is your thoughtfulness 
And kindness
That will live 
When you are gone

Karen Touzalin 06 July 2017

Great work Annabel, so heartfelt and true!

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Patti Masterman 14 March 2012

This is so true, because everything seems to circle and come back around to us, (hopefully arriving as a kindness in turn, just in the nick of time) . Good to know, isn't it, that the good parts are what live on and are remembered. I love that quote that goes, nobody ever wishes they'd spent more hours at work, on their is so, so true!

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Hans Vr 10 March 2012

Wow, Anabel, Super, fantastic, I do not know which superlative to use first. I like this poem, no I love this poem very much. It contains such a deep truth. Seeds of kindness. The idea is great and yes, it is in our small kindnesses that we live on in our loved ones, in our friends and even in our foes. Please share this poem with all your friends in your emails and so on. If you decide to do so, please cc to me as well ( . Many thanks. A great 10 for this spiritually uplifting poem.

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