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Self Deprecation (Limerick)

Rating: 5.0

It requires little more than a glance
To notice I don't fit in my pants
My name rhymes with jelly
But I, with large belly
Enjoy a laugh at my own expanse

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Kim Barney 12 February 2020

Great limerick, Kelly! It has been a while!

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wes vogler 12 February 2020

About time .. you lazy twit we need many limericks to keep us from falling into apathetic stances Have a drink on me

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Kelly Kurt 13 February 2020

I only write when 'inspiration' strikes. It hasn't struck often lately.

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Bill Cantrell 11 February 2020

What I like about you Kelly, you write poetry when you feel icclined by inspiration, a humble quality that I do admire, and by doing so...your poems are fresh and very much appreciated

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Kelly Kurt 12 February 2020

Thank you, Bill. I would like inspiration to strike more often, but it's a fickle thing.

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NHIEN NGUYEN MD 10 January 2021

Thank you, this gives me a good laugh. I give a good 5. Nhien

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David Wood 20 December 2020

Nice to read your poems again after many years absence.

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L Milton Hankins 22 September 2020

Poems make us lots of things, but hopefully many of them make us laugh. You do! Thanks.

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Richard Antwi 10 July 2020

Metaphorically woven....beautiful piece!

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Khairul Ahsan 02 May 2020

A perfect limerick! I particularly liked the use of the word 'expanse' in the poem.

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