Self Worth Poem by Jo Elliott

Self Worth

I love you
yet we cannot be
soul mates together amid negativity.
I've come to see what I offer is wrong
and I will not be a make do
until someone else comes along.

I know how you feel now
I've got all you've said,
I've taken the time
all your words are re-read.
I no longer need to act on the love that I feel
for you,
I now live in a world that is real.

Its not me you want
or you would be here,
you choose to live your life surrounded by fear.
I'm not fussed with one day
or living with hope.
I'm living in this day,
no more will I mope.

I'll not waste my time with someone unreal
who yo-yos around
unable to feel!
Stick with the ones who want this too,
I've got better things in my life to do.

Be careful what you wish for it may just come true,
this applies to others as well as you.
They said go get her and then willed me away.
It's time you realised I'm not here to play!

Go listen to their negative,
keep yourself in their hole,
let them beat you
if that is their goal.

Prove to them you have no fight
that you want to live amongst their fright,
if that's what you want
go seek and find.
Although leave me out of it,
if you don't mind!

Positive thoughts,
happiness brings.
A spring in your step
with all the good things.
It's time to move on from the way I was then,
the answers I need are in my book and my pen.

There's nothing left of what we once had,
all the good has come through, there's no room for bad.
There are only my feelings
the same they'll stay,
though they won't be a part of the games that you play.

They'll live on regardless,
no changes will there be.
Just a happiness that I can live with them
as well as be free.
Free to love
without holding back,
it no longer matters if it's something you lack.

Nothing can stop it,
this much is true
and it doesn't matter if it's not met by you.
Together or apart we will never meet
as long as you let the negative beat

At the end of the day the choice that you make
will be whatever you want it to be,
real or fake.
Know that what I want has to be real,
honesty and integrity
and able to feel.
Love and trust and able to care,
with an open heart
ready to share.

Thank You for reading 💖

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