Sensuous Stall.... Poem by lily peace lago every by to ph

Sensuous Stall....

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who doth love live one second?
who doth love breath one moment?
who doth love live in misery?
who doth love live in poverty?

Did we walk on the untrodden path?
Did we hug death in joy?
Did we curse nature in thought?
Did we malign mother in part?

Do you love venom to lick?
Do you spill spoilt words in fond?
Do you leave children orphan?
Do you fly with pain and agony?

Have you killed friend in the back?
Have you seen the God in the front?
Have you marred love and life?
Have you charred the life others?

Oh! Man on earth!
full of sensuous stall, , , , , , , , ,
I am the man loved to live
I am the man who willed to live
I am the man who loved the breath
I am the man who loved the moments of life
I am the man to live on earth
and I am full of sensuous stall! ! !

Her showering love
liketh rain over the desert
Her smiles on earth
are my will to live
Her fragrance are the moments of breath
Her magnanimous keep the misery at bay
She is the sensuous stall
and I am the man on earth to live! !

Who doth like to live on earth?
Who doth like venom to lick?
Life is to live
Love and Life
are the stall on earth.........
War and Peace always there
you are the thinker
write! write! ! write! ! !
who doth like to live on earth
always be with smile! smile! ! smile! ! !

Sarwar Chowdhury 14 September 2009

Oh! words came out alike waterfall! moving and ammmmmmazing! thoughtful too! 10+

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'Did we hug death in joy? ' Volleys of gosh questions. Photo finish Ten’ dr. sakti

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