**a Rose On His Grave** Poem by lily peace lago every by to ph

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lily peace lago every by to ph

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**a Rose On His Grave**

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A rose on his grave...........

Loved thou in the heart
their veils filled with placid thoughts
by gracious time their love matured in path
and the embryo delighted to blossom in part

Their words and giggles shyed the breeze
the lotus behind failed blossom in thought
buzzing bees silenced in their voice
where the lover`s prie delighted in pleasant autumn cart

Upon the thoughts in their kind heart
their love groomed through splendid path
across the distance in mighty will
their selected path is loveliest in heart

Their spoken eyes never got tired
and their mighty will never got hurted
their selected path never slided behind
and they are tore apart by the tempest love

Their love and life liked by none
thought lust and pleasure are their will of life
when they shine like roses in stem
plucked them with unkind heart and throw them distance apart

On the living dead man`s grave
the rose laying with smile
her love and kind spread fragrance in heart
And she is the rose on his grave alive

A rose on his grave live alive
and the histories repeat never die
gracious they are united in heart
and the Rose on his grave live alive...

Ejaz Khan 12 November 2009

Love always finds ways to survive, a beautiful write! 10

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Kranthi Pothineni 12 November 2009

Aww... eloquent piece. Ending is crafted beautifully. Meaningful write.

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Ranjit Ravindran 12 November 2009

Beautiful one....liked the last stanza...especially the last two lines. A sweet 10. Ranjit.

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Lazarus Knix 13 November 2009

It all flows so well....Excellent.

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Eyan Desir 14 November 2009

I thought the ending was really nice.....

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Edward Kofi Louis 31 January 2016

With love and do die one day. Nice work.

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Kesav Easwaran 26 November 2009

'And she is the rose on his grave alive'... This line alone is more than enough to claim more than ten roses from me...thanks Lily Lago...10

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Catrina Heart 24 November 2009

such a lovely poem shared! ! ! well done........

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 20 November 2009

‘…A rose on his grave live alive…’ To say subtly many things. Great treat Ten+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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moon dust 18 November 2009

Wow, this is beautiful!

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lily peace lago every by to ph

live in universe arakonam
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