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1. You Are The Life Ever Bright 10/5/2009
2. Fate-5 10/22/2009
3. Fate-8 10/22/2009
4. Fate-9 10/22/2009
5. Humble Creatures We Are 10/27/2009
6. Umbrella Of White Fumes 11/10/2009
7. In The Dreaded Dark 8/11/2009
8. Sensuous Stall.... 8/12/2009
9. In Vaccum 9/23/2009
10. Reshma Ramesh...Reflections Of Illusions 10/23/2009
11. Rich In Thought 11/11/2009
12. Fate-7 10/22/2009
13. Paradise On Earth Where We Live 10/1/2009
14. Under The Dark Cover Truth Dwell 10/8/2009
15. Vultures 10/13/2009
16. Thou Heart Slender On Me In Tender 10/19/2009
17. Fate-1 10/22/2009
18. Lips 9/23/2009
19. Oh! My Love! 11/3/2009
20. Wraped In Flesh 10/28/2009
21. Fate-10 10/22/2009
22. In Her Wild Blue Eyes 9/25/2009
23. Essence Of Life 8/21/2009
24. In Search Of Venom... 8/12/2009
25. Scorching Days 10/21/2009
26. Mirror 10/5/2009
27. Solo...... 10/15/2009
28. You Are An Angel 10/16/2009
29. Let You Watch The Tempest Love 10/16/2009
30. Menace 11/11/2009
31. Victorious Eyes 10/27/2009
32. Life Is The Share Of Pain And Happy 10/5/2009
33. Magnificient Face 10/19/2009
34. Ever Live In Fond 8/8/2009
35. Memories 9/20/2009
36. Delightful 8/20/2009
37. She Was The Girl.. 8/11/2009
38. Welcome 10/19/2009
39. Fate-6 10/22/2009
40. A Deep Inside Thought 10/16/2009

Comments about lily peace lago every by to ph

  • Eyan Desir (11/23/2009 10:16:00 PM)

    The flower has blossom
    And its beauty
    Will bring delight
    To all in its path...

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  • Ejaz Khan (8/19/2009 4:17:00 AM)

    Lago lago, is a friendly poet, a kind and generous person, who write from the core of heart and certainly it's a great loss that the poet has decided to quit here but I really hope that the the process of writing will not stop!
    Best regards

  • Muhammad Ali (5/5/2009 8:49:00 AM)

    You are not a poet... you said! and I believe.. you are. or I am too senseless to poetry
    I like these little smiles in the eyes while words are moisted in sadness! ... I like this art and it is soft sad poison, 'poison we love! '... all of your work just amazes me....

  • Jerry Hughes (4/26/2009 12:42:00 AM)

    This lady is a compassionate, thoughtful, excellent writer...

  • Denvor Fernandez (2/6/2009 2:35:00 AM)

    Nice name

Best Poem of lily peace lago every by to ph

**where Were She?

Fragile thy heart shiver thou soul
O! Orient rays tell me
the lean waist, broken lips
and the wound in fathom heart
where her breath in the dingy room
suffer in alien nature.............

Pain in her deep rooted heart
spell but nothing in smile
her scanty eyes and dried bossom
O! Orient rays tell me
Where were She?
The loveliest angel where were She?

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In Search Of Venom...

In search of venom
wandered in the thick grown forest
over the hills, plains and gone to the deserts
to lick the wiper...
in all plains and valleys
and meadows no where
he find venom to lick! !
The deadly snakes and the king cobra
all away by the smell he sprout

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