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Sequel To My Poem 'Passion: A Bite Or Two'..... - Poem by Bri Edwards

They’d met that night in a Manhattan hotel dining room.
He: an “older” man. She: “forty-something”, skinny as a broom.
Traveling on business, he’d dine alone on his last night in town, but she approached, smiling, and asked sweetly: “Sir, may I sit down? '
Caught by surprise by her bold move, he almost told her “NO”,
but he thought of his mother, who’d taught him manners......always to show.
She seemed so comfortable in her role: an interloping stranger,
and he welcomed her as the livestock welcomed......Mary at the manger.

She seemed to show no interest in dining, but just to sit and smile,
BUT.....bit by bit, and bite by bite, she ate quite a lot......after a while.
And shared the wine as well, and then they both had brandy.
She also used her toes to prod him under the table, making him quite randy.

The waiter seemed to anticipate how she was going to act;
even some diners showed they’d noticed, but they showed SOME tact.
The two shared some background information and pleasantries as they dined.
It was much nicer than dining alone, the “old man” did find.

They’d had quite a bit to drink by the time the cheque was paid.
They had “one more” in the dark corner of the bar, a booth where plans are made.
She happened to be “free” to visit his hotel room, a quick trip up the lift.
He was a widower and she was divorced; this visit could cause no marital rift.

She clung to his arm as he drew out the his hotel suite.
Would the “visit” prove to be for each of them an added carnal treat?
[[ Now, my readers, think carefully before you read any added lines;
I cannot be responsible for what happens next, AND I’ll pay no PH fines! ]]

He was wearing a casual light blue summer suit....with a paisley tie.
She wore a silk blouse and a pleated linen skirt, and a mischievous gleam in her eye.
A garment bag hung in the closet; a large suitcase was lying open nearby.
In an open valise a DVD (entitled “Oriental Girls”) .....she did spy.

He knew what she was looking at and asked if she’d like a movie.
She pressed her blouse against his tie and said: “That would sure be groovy.”
He THOUGHT: “Groovy? I haven’t heard that hippy talk since ‘my college day’.
[[ The rest I’ll leave up to your imagination, reader, ‘cause that’s all I’m going to say! ]]

Topic(s) of this poem: romance

Poet's Notes about The Poem

PH is causing me more trouble! it is now IMpossible (easily) for me to scroll up or down to view my poem in the 'text' area to proofread it and to copy and paste the title from it! ! i just thought i would air my complaint while i didN'T have PH's attention. hee hee. but i know a circuitous waY around it; i have not yet complained to them. it seems to have started just about when they started requiring the dreaded 'topic' field in order to submit poems. maybe they are trying to weed out the dummy poets? ? ? ?
back to business! so this is a sequel (a followup) to my previous poem, which a very FEW have read, enjoyed, and commented on. don't feel sorry for me! not TOO much anyway.
most of this is a review of the earlier story. i don't want to end up in poets' prison, or to corrupt the youngsters who sneak onto this site hoping to be corrupted! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! bri :)

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  • Bri Edwards (3/25/2014 8:18:00 PM)

    PH insists on putting the words but she at the end of the 3rd line instead of where i want them, at the start of the 4th line. i guess i left the quotation mark off after 'college day' near the end, but i have no time now to correct it! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

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