Set In Stone Poem by Laquory Jones

Set In Stone

I Have been a tad confused never knew what love was amidst all the
Abuse I admit I have been kinda a recluse there's so many things in
Life that I'm scared to lose but so many emotions have been misused
Perhaps that's just another excuse I've told myself over and over
While looking for that three leaf clover that never came but I guess
We make our own luck along the way so be it as it may as I look at you
All in your faces while taking the time out to put everything in the
Fore-front because war is what I don't want I'm just spitting truth
I can't just let things continue to get to me as I know things also
Get to you that just means we both have some pulling through to do
So this time I'm gonna motivate by helping you eliminate your down
Pours So I'll be around more I found some inner strength now it's
Time to find yours because there's no me without you
And these words that I hold true if only you knew or had a clue of
What I've been through lately it just seems I've been driving
Through the dark with no high-beams since the age of nine-teen
That same year I was finally out for good but it was harder than
I thought as life pounded me with her onslaught gassing the energy
That I don't got I'm all blood-shot lately its been all writer's
Block more times than not so just bare with me nothing can compare
To all the times you stayed with me I feel my head going crazy
Cause I don't like to be alone never realized how loud silence can
Be no one wants to go through life without one person by their side

No one knows how long they have here our time on this earth are so
Precious I admit I've collected some messes I guess it's time for
Me to finally address them perhaps I should have been harder
On myself sometimes I wouldn't offer any help but I couldn't help
Myself not knowing what I would do and if I could break down
A barrier or two people always said you have a whole life ahead of
You but time flies in a blink of an eye I've been too busy gazing
At the skies always was too scared to fly wasted half my life
It took all this time to see that some people will never be good at
Change and that's just how some people are built and it's strange
My family will forever be estranged just how our life got arranged
I guess I just have to find a way to cope but that doesn't mean I
Will forever lose hope but there's no more time to mope right now

I'm getting choked-up so much hate has been soaked up until I got
Croaked-up but when life makes a mess we have to learn to soap it
Up jump over every obstacle and the one that runs rope it up because
That's what has been shown to work I guess families do have their
Perks and I'm sorry for all the hurt I may have caused even as a
Child nothing will never be the same and its such a shame at night
I feel so ashamed because you had called but I never came on
Christmas day and you felt dissed that's okay because I know we'll
Meet one day I hate that our relationship got torched in
Flames I've been scorched and scars remain made mistakes I've been
Quite inhumane sometimes I don't feel like a human I know that sounds
Insane but its just that being the greatest son is all I ever wanted
To be but we have to meet half way you see and if family is what we
Will never be just know that I'll be loving you both for eternity
Beyond belief releasing grief and replacing it with relief
In the end you'll truly see that we wasn't different after all
So this goes out to mom, fans, dad and all the people still
Standing tall I'll be the one picking you up after falls
So thanks for each memory that's been granted my love for you
No one will understand it this might sound a tad outlandish
But know your wisdom poured into me has been brandish


Friday, December 29, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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