Shine Poem by Laquory Jones


I will forever shine en-lighting eyes no more
Dying cries I will not let you slip this time
As we go through life's daily grimes we become
Instant mimes not saying anything as we become
Instant slings called human beings I can see
The picture clearly I can see it now it is no
Longer a dream where there's a crop there's also
A harvest where there's a sun there's a smoking
Gun I don't know where these sayings comes from
But inside my soul I feel it spark my own work
Of art that is where it starts until the soul
Begins to depart but when sweat drips at its
Tip they call it weak but it is something I
Could never seek as it sail down like Russian
Fleets I will never admit defeat it is my time
To beat the heat while shoveling my feet even
When I'm fast asleep I could still feel the
Ground shake underneath all the snow and sleet
And even when autumn comes with its fallen
Leaves that is our time to speak that is what
Makes us so unique so this is our time to shine
That is in the back of my mind and that's when
Stars begins to shine vividly I see the picture
Clearance it is no longer a dream I will be that
Spark that makes people hark and then maybe we
Can embark on what makes people heartless is it
Really the pain that makes people hark-less I'm
Just trying to give people a piece of my thought
Process my work of the art crest wondering how
Many people will really embark this while giving
People a piece of my mindset so they can take it
To the heart's chest and see if people really can
Heart this or will that make people more thoughtless
Just because you don't see art yet doesn't mean
You are art-less the spark ignites the shine that
Fuels the soul more than anyone could know I feel
it every-time it grows I see through its light years
It settles deep within my soul where it may always be
When I have long fulfilled my destiny that manifested
In me lighting for future centuries I will forever
Repeat these vowels I will never cower even when it
Strikes the hour go ahead and sing it louder because
What I have in me is what you have in you star Power
That You never knew


Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: heart,honesty,legend,wisdom
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