*shakuntala (What Shalt Thou Forget) Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

*shakuntala (What Shalt Thou Forget)

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What shalt thou forget
The hands that rose in prayers as yet
The deity of love was unknown in the skies
The husky voice or the radiant smile when
In agony you waited for the niche of time
A look at me I understood but for the love
As long away from your self the desires
Many corners of your heart when you learned
Poetry and songs for your consolation

What shalt thou forget
When in the black mysterious gown you looked
When your heart sang of love and the mighty river
The small temple of worship but where you took
Book of love and many times when you wrote
My name on sands to erase again and again
When you sought refuge in every nook and corner
When in the dark streets of the city you searched my steps
When you followed the aroma of my presence in my absence

What shalt thou forget
When you spent the whole night in full moon on my door
When that mangled picture you carried as possession precious
When every day and for infinite days you waited for me
When in the night you cried in despair when I was not there
When for months the tiring time in my fantasy you spent
When the songs of love were the cure of your heart

What shalt thou forget
When with quivering lips you at last came to me to say
That you were in love with me and when you melted
Like wax in heat as I wondered you really did
When the rain poured heavily for your tears to show
When you peeped into my eyes to see a reflection of yourself
And when to the full moon you watched thinking that
It shines on me as it shines on you too

What shat thou forget
When I opened the pitcher of old wine mysteriously
From that street to enliven your mind and heart dance
When you put the corner of my scarf in your goblet
For the enchantment of wine was not enough alone
And when I hid you in the cellar and covered you with
The gorgeous beauty I had adored for you to hide

What shalt thou forget
When on my broken tape a song from the latest track
And what shalt thou forget
When you were so close and so far away
When I fell in love with your words only
What shalt thou forget
Shalt thou forget life itself

Nay no remorse for my this love and for my that love
Thou canst forget the beauties as every memory is a rose

Sandra Martyres 05 February 2009

Great imagery S K, the perfect sequel to Shakuntala

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