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! ! Sharing Eternity - For The Sorrowing

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It should be so obvious:
all the ‘eternal values’ which we may see
as worthwhile in our life –
these, we share with those who’ve gone before..
what else more worth the sharing?

and share, more closely than we know to seek:
those whose ‘loss’ to us we mourn –
especially those so recently thought ‘lost’ to us –
they are the ones still closest to us:

they delight to hear from us, chatting in our heart;
in their eternity, so willing to forgive if we but ask;
need no medium, planchette or ectoplasm
to be contacted; if we but wish;

and in the wisdom of eternity which they share
with us within our inmost heart,
so eager now to give, and to forgive, and give again:

beloved teachers, to continue so to teach;
beloved ones, to continue so to feed, draw out our heart with love..

then share eternity, and live!
it should be so obvious..


[from the Shaivite teachings]

L Milton Hankins 23 September 2020

This is a beautiful, inspiring piece of writing. Thanks for sharing it.

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Chuck Audette 25 September 2012

Wonderful poem of Life & Life's lessons. -chuck

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Elizabeth Rabbit 12 September 2012

I enjoyed reading this, it's beautifully wrote, thankyou.

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Louis Cecile 27 July 2012

An excellent poem that takes you on a journey of discovery. Beautiful use of language.

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Dan Reynolds 20 July 2011

I find it sad, that I am first to comment, after so long. Danny; ¬)

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