She Was Looking For Something

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She holds herself from the oceans wind.
On a sultry August night away from her friends.
I can see the wailing of a lonely heart.
A lonely mind and a lonely start.
The summer was ending and I've seen this before.
She was looking for something, something more.
As she sits on the sand and craddles her loss.
The wind subsides as the ocean is tossed.
Her dreams she told me and then soon forgot.
No need for mine as she needed them not.
White picked fences and a house the same.
She was looking for something or someone to blame.
A tear was building on the side of her eye.
A tear was building on the side of mine.
I held her close as the boardwalk lights shined.
I tried to ease her youthful and weary mind.
She came to me on a springtime night.
I answered the door as she stood in the light.
A night with her friends that I did not know.
Retired to her home as young lovers will grow.
But, that was then some months ago.
Now we stand on the beach as the wind blows.
She holds herself so distant this time.
Not like before as she's still looking to find.
A few weeks passed from this night above.
Slowly drifting from friendship and love.
She said we were spending to much time together.
On her porche at home in such rainy weather.
That was all she needed to say.
After all she was waiting for her special day.
I was just what she needed, I gave her all I could bring.
I was just what she wanted, She Was Looking For Something.

Dee Daffodil 31 May 2006

Awww...nice poem...slightly sad I think...but lovely none the less. Hugs, Dee

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Mary Nagy 25 September 2005

I like this poem very much Steve. Very beautiful. Sincerely, Mary

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