Silent Cries Poem by Meredith B.

Silent Cries

Rating: 5.0

I'm in the dark, all by myself
Above my bed I see the shelf
Here Lost loved ones' memories lie
Here is where I start to cry

Silent tears run down my face
Such painful memories can't be erased.

I can't let them hear me, I can't let them see
they shouldn't have to worry about me.
I know they have enough on their plates
What extra worries would mine create

They've told me they're here for me and I know it's true -
But what could happen if only they knew
No one is perfect and I know this for sure
that some things doctors cannot cure

I'm screaming -
They keep sleeping
I scream Loud
Only silent weeping

Silently crying, dying inside -
It's all too much for me to hide.

The hurting like poison is starting to seep,
The pain runs like the ocean deep.
Rain that used to mean life and beauty
Now whispers the world offers not but cruelty.

Laying silent now
I've cried myself to sleep.
This pain forever I will have to keep.

Charlotte M. 01 December 2022

Is this based off of real life? This poem wants to make me cry so hard!

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