Sisterhood Poem by Gillian.E. Shaw


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Once there was an observant girl
who passed the eleven plus;
so after all the excitement
and a great amount of fuss;
entered the establishment
of Huntingdon Grammar School
to apply herself forthwith
when following all the rules.

Settling down to lessons
then pouring over books;
glancing out of the window
for just the split second it took;
not paying full attention
when something caught her eye
a shimmering, shining sports car
shot by!

It shot right by the window
in haste and turning to Jean;
big eyes full round in sockets
they both began to lean... they
inclined towards the window
but alas! There was no trace
of the shimmering, shining sports car
and a beautiful woman's face.

Echoes of a well known dancer
uncommon, behind the wheel;
aroused from stripling day dreams
young ripe rounded minds of zeal;
A long silken scarf abounded
so different from the others:
gaberdine macks and head scarves
worn by many of their mothers.

Often the girls noticed her
Jean knew the reason why:
Visiting fairly frequently
as she was driving by.
There was an explanation
of whose parent she might be:
daughters of different ages
and the Art Master to see.

Art... the greatest of importance
in this particular tale;
viewed from an open window
inside the mind of a juvenile
who remembered through to adult
hood, those exquisite sisters
Amaryllis, Henrietta
Fanny and Nerissa.

Fleetingly do hours fly;
while watching the T.V.
Wedded wife and mother
of her growing family.
The evidence uncovered
made manifest for all...
appreciation arrived swiftly
having seen them once before.

The wealth of creativity!
Connection complete and clear;
since a blessed memory
which is held so often dear.
Four flourishing young blossoms
freshly grown in Bloomsbury?
Given here a true account
of what mum said to me.

Thus, the shimmering shining sports car
and the beautiful woman's face
belonged to Angelica Garnett
a person of aesthetic taste.
Her mother was the Painter
who signed: By Vanessa Bell
and her Aunt the writer: Virginia Woolf
that's all there is to tell!

The End.

For Ellen Elizabeth

September 2004

Moriah Cyr 29 June 2005

This was like a short story. It was quite capturing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Raynette Eitel 22 June 2005

What fun! And what a surprise ending. Well done, Gillian. Raynette

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