Dad's Childhood. Poem by Gillian.E. Shaw

Dad's Childhood.

Rating: 3.9

Underground, down in the dugout
when during the second world war
a siren wailed a last warning
before the darkest pall... plunging;
insecurity; screaming soon commenced
higher; higher it seemed to climb
human fear greeting the silence.

As hunger gnawed at his belly
a youngster decided to run
away up out of the shelter
in search of action and fun.
Wow! It was just so exciting
watching war planes in the night sky
as the enemy passed over
left behind, their lethal bye-bye's.

Far better than the cinema!
For these were Hitler's men! Pow! Pow!
And were really up above... BOOM!
With searchlights; chaos and mayhem.
He could see Britain was fighting
and his Dad was a soldier too
but Mum was down in the dugout...
from here; such a fantastic view!

When they got back he'd be for it!
Oh but couldn't care less right now
when the bombing left off in a
moment... get up, out on patrol.
As hunger gnawed at his belly
recalling the meal from last night;
that cat was really quite tasty
but what could they all eat tonight?

Taking off into the distance
with nothing to wear on his feet;
perhaps the house was still upright
people started to pass on the street.
As hunger gnawed at his belly
slowly turning to where he thought:
Was it here our home had been standing?
Must tell Mum we've been bombed out!

Ana Monnar 18 August 2007

It sounds so scary, but true. Great write!

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Raynette Eitel 19 August 2005

I remember reading this one earlier and you have done some work on it. It seems tighter now and more focused, if I remember correctly. Glad to have you back online. I've missed your work. Raynette

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