Sit Down To Dance Poem by Bill Smith

Sit Down To Dance

Rating: 4.5

Temptation was going to get me
When ego ruled my head
Ignoring the common sense voices
I blindly went ahead
I knew that you would kill me
Knew the tears would fall
But when you stood beside me
By God I had it all
You made a sad man happy
You made a dead man fly
You made a heart beat faster
Deep down I knew I'd cry

Rested my head on pillows of dreams
My body on a bed of desire
You came to lay beside me
We wrestled in the fire
Such passion never existed
My eyes you opened wide
Slowly, slowly, slowly
Came the day you lied
We'll spend the night together
We'll wake side by side
The hurt when you said I'm going
Truth was you knew you had lied

You never intended waking
To find my lips on yours
You left before the sunrise
Leaving open doors
You had to be there for him
He would wake to see your face
In my happy heart I knew
I would never take his place
A mothers love is special
No way could I compete
I remember you sucking your finger
I remember kissing your feet

You were a vision that night as I entered
On my bed half naked reclined
How my wide eyes feasted
Could not believe you were mine
All my Christmases came together
You were beautiful, listen it's true
I felt humbled to hold you so closely
That night I would have died for you
You made me forget past failures
You showed me the way it could be
We made love beyond all reason
You set my history free
Yet somewhere the dark clouds were gathering
Somewhere the die was cast
Somewhere the dice were rolling
Somehow this love could not last

Smiling that smile that's a winner
Laughing the laugh of goodbye
You promised that there was no other
You begged of me not to cry
You made your excuses not reasons
You tore at my heart with your lips
You backed away from my arms
As my hands slowly fell from your hips
You promised you'd never meant to hurt me
As you turned to walk through the door
I got that sinking feeling
Not again, I've been here before

Of course I was right when I saw you
Draped by your new lovers arms
Seems he'd known you back in your yesterdays
No stranger to your many charms
Within six months a Mrs
The rings on your fingers you sought
Me, I was left with the memories
Of the lies I foolishly bought
Along with the hurt and the sorrow
Along with deepest regret
Yet i still smile when I see you
The good times I'll never forget

People say that I am too fussy
They say I won't take the chance
I smile as they pull at a heart string
I sigh as I sit down to dance.

Shannon Chapel 04 December 2005

This one made me cry, too, Bill. Didn't I tell you to knock it off! lol Lovely. S

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Mary Nagy 16 November 2005

Wow! This is so sad yet so beautiful Bill. Great poem. (You're better off without her anyway.......if a woman would cheat on her 'current', she would do the same to you) . That's just my opinion. This was very romantic and passionate and forbidden all rolled up into one! Very good poem. sincerely, Mary

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Ernestine Northover 16 November 2005

What a really beautiful poem Bill, it flowed marvellously, and I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end, It held me fast. Brilliant. Sincerely Ernestine.

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