Skyblue Poem by Pia Andersson


Rating: 4.5

Not a cloud in sight!

Skyblue walls
painted to your tribute God
Skyblue walls
reminding me
of the skyblue eternity
and of Your endless love

Light green spring leaves
whirling in my mind

Lemon yellow walls
in my hall
welcoming me
back to life

Joy is here
embracing me

Your newfound child

Seán O' Muiriosa 16 April 2005

Lovely poem, regards, Seán

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Duncan Wyllie 23 July 2006

Amazing! The hauntingly beautiful, 'Skyblue' I hope that it will shine for much time to come Love duncan X

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William Jackson 31 July 2006

I like the joy, the optimism you express in your poems. Another fine expression of gratitude to God.

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Will Barber 30 August 2006

Wonder-filled, wonderful, full of colours, full of life and wonder. Truly beautiful! ! !

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Rex Islam 06 September 2006

Oh! You are wonderful again similar to your other poetries, the love you possess for the nature, God, and the prayer to the almighty for granting yourself as his divinities’ loving child. A short poetry but enthusiastic towards- the love and faith on God.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 17 October 2009

I love your words, your flow and your easy way with the pen

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Broken Peaces 27 August 2007

The artist owns a pen and uses it gracefully 10

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Dr.subhendu Kar 12 August 2007

Apanorama of love well depicted in nature blue.......... uniquely dwawn over its wall with regards and love subhendu

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Duncan Wyllie 03 February 2007

Had to revisit this one Pia, a beautiful poem that shows so much feeling Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan X

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Sandra Fowler 31 December 2006

Creative colors. You are a fine word painter. Kind regards, Sandra

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