Moonleaves Poem by Pia Andersson


Rating: 4.8

I am here,
but my body is not.
Spring is here.
Everything is green, light-green.
I can see spring is here,
but I can´t feel it.
My body covered
with dark-green moonleaves,
longing for the soil
that once was mine.

I am here,
but my life is not with me.

Shane Markie 02 October 2006

I love the dichotomy of opposites you've expressed here, and the language you've used to express such opposing thoughts. Shane

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Tony Fiona 27 November 2006

Pia, In the words of the street poets ' I feel you'. Life death and lingering. at least to me thanks for the great read Tony D.

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Jimi Doyle 09 December 2006

hey i like this one

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Sandra Fowler 31 December 2006

Lovely work. The title is especially enchanting. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Malini Kadir 19 July 2007

hey! you have a way with words!

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Simone Inez Harriman 03 November 2015

Beautifully penned Pia. Truly deep and heartfelt. Thank you

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Dr Antony Theodore 21 September 2010

longing for the soil that once was mine. I am here, but my life is not with me. you are becoming philosophical. soul and body and the feeling of its absence in certain moments in life. you are describing this rare feeling now. thank you

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Afzal Shauq 18 October 2009

this poe is as good as your other poems..means you are really a good poet with rich ideas, , , and meaningful way of writing..well done..10/10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 10 October 2009

You are certainly one of the best here or anywhere. This is pure imagery, unadulterated imagery. This is what is called as 'Bhavukatha' in Sanskrit. Very very very good and great.

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rajagopal haran 28 October 2007

metaphysical and great

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