Small Comfort Poem by Katha Pollitt

Small Comfort

Rating: 3.4

Coffee and cigarettes in a clean cafe,
forsythia lit like a damp match against
a thundery sky drunk on its own ozone,

the laundry cool and crisp and folded away
again in the lavender closet-too late to find
comfort enough in such small daily moments

of beauty, renewal, calm, too late to imagine
people would rather be happy than suffering
and inflicting suffering. We're near the end,

but O before the end, as the sparrows wing
each night to their secret nests in the elm's green dome
O let the last bus bring

love to lover, let the starveling
dog turn the corner and lope suddenly
miraculously, down its own street, home.

Mizzy ........ 23 October 2016

Lovely piece of writing......delightful read!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 23 October 2016

Congrats for being chosen......

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 October 2016

Before the end. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 23 October 2016

Beautifully done Katha.Congratulation being selected as member of the day. Col Muhammad Khalid Kha

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Gregory Collins 22 August 2008

freaking great, i am in love again, now what to do, i am going to be visiting my sleeves in my dreams again

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