Smoking Is Drinking From A Death Dealing Cup Of Death. Poem by Michael Gale

Smoking Is Drinking From A Death Dealing Cup Of Death.

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The smoking of cigaretts leaves me at times with a shortness of breath...Will this nasty dirty habit lead me to a life's end or death?
Puff puff puff as fast as i may...To bring me to my last final day.
Circles of smoke rings rise over head...As i look up to witness
this smoke signal's warning of impending death. Hacking and coughing up this liquidic, sticky light greenish phlem...I'm slowly
sewing together my coffin's own seams with many a hem.
Smoking in public places and parking lots will soon be real illegal...
This should tell smokers that their legal rights will be gone and
appear to be not too appealing or regal.
Second hand smoke causes lung cancer to people who do not smoke...This should not be viewed as an unbelievable joke.
People get work breaks to eat and drink...Even smokers are people
who still need their smoke break's, rights not to vanish or sink.
Smokers usually reak or smellingly stink. Of this nasty habit, this should make you more than once to about, thoroughly think.
So the next time you get that urge to just freely, stop and light up...
You may just be drinking from an invisible-death dealing cup.


mike...was a smoker for 16 years...quit 10 yrs next jan....have had a mechanical aortic heart valve for the same period of should consider that before allowin peer pressure to be the fear pressure to your heart...great words of Wisdom TENFOR THE SMOKE-FREE! '''''''''''''''''FRANK

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Emma Johnson 09 May 2006

Absolutely BRILLIANT, Michael. Cadence is a distinct feature of this very, very beautiful write. If you have not read my 'Smokers', would you kindly do so, because I think you shall like it. This deserves more than a Ten. Susie.

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Michael Gale

Michael Gale

Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.
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