Winter's Coldest Wintery Wind. Poem by Michael Gale

Winter's Coldest Wintery Wind.

Rating: 4.3

It is cold-It is cold this winter's wind...
It chills me to the thinnest bone.

It makes me ever so lonely lone...
Fall leaves fall and flutter so fast.

When'st will it ever end this madnessed wind? ...
T'will madness end this madnessed wind?

T'will'st this coldness end and rescind? ...
Northern most wind whips and wraps it's most deadly cold.

T'will i live to be olden old? ...
Will i ever be known as warmly bold?

Snow flakes jump and dance in the wind...
Wind currents send to winter's edge.

A most coldest sell to sold out tales...
Ripples of chills sent down to spine's coldest feelings.

Abrupt endings to coldest endings...
Last winter's sent frost's winter blessings.

Ice sickles hang fro' house eave's ledge...
Forever be gone that wind's most sharpest one edge.

Painful fury of coldest days unveiled...
Snow bank's highest mounts as snow fresh fallen and never
ended and failed.

Snowman with eyes of coal and a nose of a carrot...
Snow angels carved like a vulture's bald parrot.

Ice skating and fishing on a pond of ice...
Can be real sad or to others may be happly real nice.

Snow drifts piled heavely upon inches in heighth...
Winter has given us it's most ferociouse blight white.

Sandra Fowler 02 November 2006

Winter is alive and well in this musical poem. Very expressive indeed. Thank you for sharing. Kindest regards, Sandra

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hipo 23 September 2022

Jesus what a lousy shity poem

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Common Shakespearass W 23 September 2022

thy romeo

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..... 05 April 2018

why why why why why whwy why why

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 January 2015

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Geoff Warden 02 November 2006

ah that ill-famed Chicago wind blowin' down thy streets.... has a way of taken the tone away from the TENner well done Sir

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Michael Gale

Michael Gale

Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.
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