A Bad Case Of Mental Block. Poem by Michael Gale

A Bad Case Of Mental Block.

Rating: 2.9

Mental Blocks...
Do these blocks resemble wooden blocks as played with by us as a child?

Are these blocks a wood fell on top o' my head? ...
T'will these blocks make a-me dead?

What is a mental block? ...
Is it a block a wood caught batween the ears?
Does this block a wood instill futured fears? ...

Why not just call it mental box?
You've heard of having your ears boxed...

Ya do know that if ya have ears boxed, that you have a hard time hearing?
The pain in your heard will be so unmanagable and uninduring...
That pain will be so sharp and heatful and searing.

Now that's what i'd call a mental block...
Only now i'd call that a painful mental box.

Mental block is when you have a hard time thinking clearly...
That would sure make my day feel like death should be
coming to be near with my pain fast in towe.
This would make my mental progress come about at a real slow
rate and not move or go...

Mental block should be for the birds...
I can't imagine not working with my poetic words.
This seems at best unimaginable as well as completely absurds.

Mental block just stay away from me and my lifely clock...
No more mental block.

No more...

Rajaram Ramachandran 01 June 2007

Mental Block or Box do exist sometime, when we are too choosy in our lives. If the mind is allowed its legitimate freedom, perhaps we can cross these barriers. A thought provoking poem that makes one think twice about this undesirable block.

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Rani Turton 22 February 2008

The word play was fantastic. Thanks for it.

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Melanie Johnson 08 January 2010

This is a great read. =) I have mental blocks all the time and I'm only 28. Thanks for sharing...10.

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Stephen Stirk 25 March 2009

In my case, mental block seems another way of saying 'senior moment. We often say that, when something is forgotten, or ignored. I'm thinking that the amount of senior moments increase with age.............what was the question again? ? ? ? ? ? lol 10+++++++++ Steve

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Reshma Ramesh 16 March 2009

haha! ! what an amusing write............i think i just lost my mental block...

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Indira Renganathan 10 February 2009

Over sorrow, over happiness, over work, over fatigue...all are reasons for mental block...so we should practise ourselves to overdome all these...good subject and good poem10

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Marvin Brato 12 November 2008

M-ental block you say i-s truly annoying also to me c-an't know how it all start h-aving experience it too a-h, maybe just like what my wife said: 'e-very time we have not money l-ot things I forget to do' Good write, I salute!

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