Smoky Air - Ghazal Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Smoky Air - Ghazal

Rating: 5.0

Fragrance has scattered in the wind
The birds have flown from the orchid

It is about to rain as clouds have grown thick
And the earth will satisfy its thirst

When nature plays tricks
How can the heart remain untouched?

Let free your wishes to dance
Let free your heart to sing

Who knows tomorrow they may not be there?
And this earth will be surrounded by smoky air.

Valsa George 21 February 2019

Now the time is conducive for enjoyment and merry making with favorable climate and exotic air! The steaming Earth is going to have a sprinkle of rain to appease its thirst! So let the inhabitants sing and dance. If the appropriate time is wasted, we may not get another favorable day to enjoy! You have beautifully expressed the same idea of the adage.... 'Make hay while the sun shines! '. A 10

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Sarath Kumar 20 February 2019

Very well written, a thought provoking question: When nature plays tricks How can the heart remain untouched?

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 February 2019

Scattered fragrance motivates beauty of light and freely wish to dance and sing. Nature plays amazing tricks. This is an excellent poem very nicely penned. An amazing sharing is done really...10

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Deepak S S 19 February 2019

Nicely composed poem, great read.10

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