Smoldered Emotions Poem by Laquory Jones

Smoldered Emotions

Frozen are these Boulders above
The Shoulders as each day makes me
Older I smolder with emotions amidst
The afflictions it's sickening but the
Smoke becomes addicting when I'm
Sinking because I'm thinking with
Thoughts that are leaking I play tug O
War with myself inside I'm needing
Help before I hang myself with a rope

Around the throat and a dagger People
Only watched when I staggered Richie
What's the matter it's the blood when it
Splatters the only thing they ever did
Was scatter that's not what makes it
Sadder I only get madder I was left
Battered with a heart full of pain with
A sting and a stung with no rings only
Pain with no gain and a sane I'm a
Kurt that was hurt with a brain that goes
Berserk when it jerks and Cobain with
A Shotgun in both hands without the Resi
Due so why am I telling you how much
I'm loving you I try not to reveal any bangs
While going through life and its change
But knowing at the end all I need is an
Amen or scent from the roses and a laid-out
Pose I'll just be another Moses Richie you
Need to focus when parting the Red sea
Now drink to the memories I begin to
Suffocate through Life I'll levitate I'm
Heaven's heavyweight as I approach
The gate it was destined by my fate
That I evaporate no one knows why I
Guess this is how we said goodbye it's
Do or die at least I try with every tear
That fills up the sky people will always
Be sly but I'll keep my head up High.


Friday, July 24, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life,love and loss,love and pain,tradition,tragedy,tragic,love and art
Edward Kofi Louis 06 November 2016

A heart full of pain! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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