Sneha Poem by Preetam Shetty


Rating: 4.8

Girl with a golden heart,
Thinks she is very smart.
You don’t agree she is right,
Get ready, she will fight.

She has a world of imagination,
Which she debates is illustration.
Word “no” you can’t really afford,
She believes she is god.

When she starts throwing tantrum,
It becomes impossible for the eardrum.
When she expresses you a desire,
She can be more stubborn than fire.

But she is as pure as the dew,
She has never been untrue.
And when I am in despair,
Even in her silence I feel care.

Guide of my life; its way, its direction,
Sneha is the name; which means affection.
The thought of losing her; brings me fear
Survival will be difficult, impossible without her

0sifo Tolu 31 May 2010

nice poem..sure she wud d really proud f dis...

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Andy Brown 02 June 2010

A wonderful expression of love for another. Many of us want to express these sentiments when it is too late and live with the regret.We sholud never be afraid to express our feelings now.Life is short and no one knows what the next day brings. Sneha :)

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 May 2010

it is nice that u praise your lady love so much.. i hope and pray that it remains the life through. so many experiences evrywhere of love affairs. u seem to be very very fascinated by sneha. very good. my prayers are for you preetam

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Pradyumna Jyotir 30 May 2010

mmmmmmm my friend.....did u show this poem to Sneha? She would have been mighty proud of you.

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Elena Sandu 01 June 2010

..May always love be on your side.Living without affection inside of heart, yes, you are right, that- is the biggest fright!

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Sneha 29 June 2021


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Marina Gasbey 20 July 2010

Very sweet! It almost sounds like a little sister! And a lover at the same time. Someone very close to you. Great work! Marina...

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Guy Baldwin 14 June 2010

just beautiful, truly devoted love is devine.and you have written your heart upon the paper.

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Ebi Robert 05 June 2010

fine display of poetic it

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Caylin Stansberry 02 June 2010

very beautiful. i enjoy the use of adjectives, it brings out her presence. a nice touch..i imagine a beauty with a shimmering golden heart. with arms extended...hands that are ready to be held. i think this is a wonderful and remarkable poem. it expresses a deep devotion. and love...

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