Snow Falling In Winter Poem by R B Seals

Snow Falling In Winter

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Enjoyed a magic moment
As proud member of humanity,
Caught up in illusion of superiority
When intent seemed noble, just and clear
As viewed from January's start of year
Before the pride, greed and the vanity.

Enjoyed a magic moment
When all still seemed right.
Soon would come an inglorious sight
And the clear, blue skies of May
Turned fitful and angry and gray
And we were viewed in lessor light.

Enjoyed a magic moment
'Till certainly could be heard
An ill-timed, ill-placed word
That brought an August heat unjust
And loss of heaven's favor and trust.
In this vein, action would be assured.

Enjoyed a magic moment,
'Till misguided acts would raise
A tragic parting of ways
And the foliage of October
Turned brown and somber—
A step closer to last of days.

Enjoyed a miracle moment
Bearing witness to final birth:
Heaven's gift once valued beyond all worth.
Indifferent, December became bringer of death.
Duty carried out, stilling each heart and breath;
Performed at His direction to reclaim the earth.

Snow Falling In Winter
Friday, December 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: god,heaven,humanity,miracle,misbehavior,tragedy
Theodora Onken 22 February 2016

Just wanted to take a moment to say- that your poetry is brilliant. Love your subject matter- your words. Also, adore your perfected many reminding me of a cherished card. Elegant and superior to so many on this site. R.B. you STAND OUT! ! ! ! ! Your words shine! Have taken the time to read and rate most of them. Your poetry, is indeed, a gift to PoemHunter and the world. Keep up your awesome work.

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R B Seals 23 February 2016

Hello, Theo! After reading such laudatory comments, I fear my head will swell so big, all doorways will be too small for me to pass through. All kidding aside, I am truly honored you would bestow such kind sentiments to my writings and graphics—although I fear I am not so worthy. That said, thank you so much for your very kind words of praise; and in that light, will do my best to continue writing at the level you have so graciously ascribed to me. Again, thank you...and best wishes, Theo, in all your future endeavors! Ron

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Manonton Dalan 18 December 2015

beautiful flow of thoughts, , , very nice poem

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R B Seals 18 December 2015

Thank you for your kind words and gracious rating. Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season!

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R B Seals

R B Seals

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