Snow, On The Eve Of Lockdown Poem by Deanna Samuels

Snow, On The Eve Of Lockdown

Rating: 4.5

Once again, sitting quietly outside the grocery store
Snow was falling down in a steady unhurried journey
Not as the last time, when that sudden mini blizzard struck
As written about in "Snow Fell into A Blizzard" last April
This time, it started during the early hours of morn
Continued into the day, transforming to an entire winter scene
A pure white candescence blanketing jaded autumn growth

This overnight sudden change to wintry weather
Brought the glorious Indian Summer months to an abrupt end
No more riding the golf cart, actually achieved only yesterday!
The fairways and greens well cleared from the autumn fall

Traffic generally appeared to flow at a reasonable level
Despite government lockdown repeat for the morrow
No outward appearance for last minute panic buying
Perhaps the enticement of a comfy sofa and keeping warm
Viewing such latest episodes as The Crown and Emily in Paris
Far outweighed a desire to be out in this fresh fall of snow
Or, by now, no urgent need to stock the fridge or freezer

Shoppers I see, quickly enter the store, exit too, as speedily
Unloading purchases into the car, driving away to abodes
All the while, the snow falls in a continual steady flow
Covering over the last contours of streets and country fields

Written at Courtice, Ontario - 22nd November 2020.

Thursday, November 26, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: shopping,snow,virus
Ratnakar Mandlik 27 November 2020

The flight of imagery that linked snowfall and lockdown imposed due to pandemic as also the style of narration are superb. Thanks for sharing.

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Khairul Ahsan 26 November 2020

'A pure white candescence blanketing jaded autumn growth' - a nice, poetic expression, par excellence! Loved the concluding stanza, beautiful! This is what a poet does; whatever he sees, expresses in such a beautiful waythat the readers can also see the imagery in their mind. The poem, so well written, deserves full marks and I gladly give it: 5 Stars *****! I recommend this poem to be selected as the 'Member Poem of the Day' for any day soon.

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Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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