Snowman Poem by Pamela lutwyche


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I am looking through my window,
Just at the break of day.
I have just yawned and rubbed my eyes.
Can you imagine my surprise?
When out of the corner of my eye,
I see, that magnificent snowman that’s being made,
he’s big and fat and looks so cold.

He stands under the lamp light,
for everyone to view and if you wanted to say.
“Hello Mr snowman.”
I’m sure; when he is finished; he will say it back to you.
He’s got his ears they were sculpted from snow,
But, there is still a long way to go
before he is finished
and he can wear a smile.
there he will stand in an elegant stile.

Let me tell you.
He was not there yesterday,
he was not there at all,
he just appeared over night,
and he must be 3ft tall.

It did not snow heavily in the night,
but, it did snow a little,
but, there was not enough on the ground,
to make a snowman,
of this, I am quite certain.

So, I don’t think, that snowman was made
by any living person.

Now, I see who is making him;
they must have worked all through the night.
Bringing the snow in containers
and hoping to finish before day light.

I think the snow came from
a far away fairy land,
because I’ve just caught sight
of lots of fairies,
carrying some in their hand.

Two others are coming.
They are transporting his eyes,
they have just placed them in.
A ray of light has come down,
and took the snowman by surprise.
He shuck and glistened and by magic,
a mouth did appear, he has the biggest smile,
he is grinning from ear to ear.

The fairies have not seen me,
looking through this glass,
just now; about twenty fairies
went flying passed.
In their hands they were carrying,
a big golden scarf,
they have put it around the neck of the snowman
I swear, this made the snowman laugh.

Here come four more fairies carrying a carrot
yes, you guessed it; the carrot is for his nose.
One more fairy is carrying a beautiful single rose.
She is giving it to the snowman,
where he will place it in his top hat.
The fairy stopped to say something
at present; they are having a little chat.

Here comes the top hat,
it looks like it’s flying on its own,
but, there are fairies inside,
it’s not coming by being blown
along on the wind.

It does look very strange to see,
but, everything is coming together
quite nicely.

The top hat is now in place,
the snowman looks very smart.

Wait a minute though,
I can see a fairy bringing a heart,
there it is, shining very brightly
it's lighting up the sky.
It looks like a shooting star,
pulsating as it passes by.

The heart has disappeared
Into the snowman’s chest,
The fairies' have worked very hard
I think they will be glad of a rest.

I can see his buttons a coming,
they are marching in a line.
They look like little soldiers,
everything is coming together
Just fine.

The buttons are now in place.
He has his jacket on,
at last he is finished
now, the fairies job
has been done.

It is time now for them to go.
They are shouting to the snowman
Goodbye, good luck and cheerio.

Kevin Eaglesfield 30 December 2008

You have great imagination.Mind you, this might be true.Thanks for a lovely quirky read.Kev

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Vinod Kumar 27 December 2008

In the Great Himalayas some villagers pictured a Huge snow man and they show he foot steps of it 'Yathi' that is the name of it, a good expression of that I found in it, Thanks for sharing dear Author A+10+.

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Fiona Davidson 17 December 2008

lovely picture conjured up by this poem...thank you

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