Society's Jackass

You carry the burdens that have been placed on you.
Your eyes are blinded thinking what you see is true.

Your direction is controlled by the harness in your mouth.
You don't know if you heading North or South.

You eat what you are feed.
You sleep wherever they make your bed.

You make no decisions.
What you see as truth is really a vision.

I've tried to release the harness, but all you do is spit.
I've tried to clean you off, but you prefer to wallow in your own shit.

You are fulfilling the prophecy that has been given to you.
You stand there frozen waiting for them to tell you what to do.

You think they care but for you they have no respect.
You are seen as a joke, a beast with no intellect.

They present you with a mask that you proudly wear.
Apparently you don't mind if people point and stare.

Who are you? I'll let you know.
You are the tree that was forbidden to grow.

Born in concrete you never had a chance to blossom.
Now you look as dumb as the lowly possum.

Release these invisible shackles they have on you.
Change your Identity become something new.

You could be a horse, bear, a panther or a lion.
You can be aggressive like the tiger or innocent like a child crying.

Make up you mind because anything is realistic.
But decide soon before you become another statistic.