Sometimes We Feel Lonely Poem by Ravi Kopra

Sometimes We Feel Lonely

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes we find
our doors to the world are shut
we want to take long steps
but no path to tread on.

Listening to music
from some far off land,
watching a movie or placing
the old books on shelves
our eyes get wet when we remember
our ancestral homes or bidding
good byes to ones we love.

In stadiums watching games
sadness settles in and occupies
the empty chairs in full sunshine
and everything seems cloudy
as if in a misty spell.

Sometimes we feel lonely
among our families and friends.

This is a translation of the poem There Comes A Time by Naseer Ahmed Nasir
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness,melancholy
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