In My Thoughts, A Hindi Poem By Raj Swami In English Translation Poem by Ravi Kopra

In My Thoughts, A Hindi Poem By Raj Swami In English Translation

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So strange are
Your thoughts

You are my destiny
What do I call my desires in my loneliness?

My faithfulness or your sulkiness
That makes me desire you even more

How will I end up thinking of you?
Why don't you come to me sometimes

Why don't you fulfill my desires
With the depths of your heart, sometimes.

This is a translation of the poem मेरा ख्याल by Raj Swami Rajesh
Sunday, April 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Savita Tyagi 28 January 2019

Beautiful poem with nice translation. I just read Raj Swami's original one in Hindi. Thanks.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 December 2018

WITHOUT your translation we cannot read RAJ SWAMI´s Poem, thank you so much, Ravi. This is a poem of Desires IN the Mind, RAJ´s mind. Passionate, powerful. Thank you for sharing this amazing poem. A 10 Full Vote. G.B. U. Amen

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Jean Larson 01 May 2018

Poignant and wonderful. Thank you for translating, Ravi Kopra.. I love this poet, Raj Swami. Please add Raj Swami's name in the title of your translations. Thank you! :))

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Ravi Kopra 03 May 2018

Thank you Jean. I will put his name in the titles.

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Raj Swami 01 May 2018

Thank you so much for beautiful translations

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Raj Swami 29 April 2018

Why not you gave my name This is my poem Write translation by Ravi copra

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Ravi Kopra 03 May 2018

Raj, I will edit the translations and put your name in the titles. I think you deserve it. Jean Larson, who likes your poetry, also recommends it. See her comments.

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Raj Swami 01 May 2018

Yes I seen my 2nd translation poem Great work by you I am too a villager In litrechar my village are very famous Many jaat is my neighbour too. I am vaisnav Where are you from? ?

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Ravi Kopra 01 May 2018

you are welcome, Raj Swami. I have just translated an another of your poems: main seedhi baat karta hoon in English. You reminded me of a jaat friend of mine from a village in India, who during my school days, spoke straightforwardly like you.

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Raj Swami 01 May 2018

Thank you sir for replying You do your best I am very happy with your great work

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