Song Poem by Samuel Johnson


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Not the soft sighs of vernal gales,
The fragrance of the flowery vales,
The murmurs of the crystal rill,
The vocal grove, the verdant hill;
Not all their charms, though all unite,
Can touch my bosom with delight.

Not all the gems on India's shore,
Not all Peru's unbounded store,
Not all the power, nor all the fame,
That heroes, kings, or poets claim;
Nor knowledge which the learn'd approve,
To form one wish my soul can move.

Yet Nature's charms allure my eyes,
And knowledge, wealth, and fame I prize;
Fame, wealth, and knowledge I obtain,
Nor seek I Nature's charms in vain;
In lovely Stella all combine,
And, lovely Stella! thou art mine.

Sixtus Unfialingdreams Osim 02 September 2018

Darn good poem. Stella has retained unsung and lofty forever.

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 02 September 2018

very nice poem..........................................

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The Muse 02 September 2018

Not all the gems on India's shores..

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Bernard F. Asuncion 02 September 2018

Such a great poem by Samuel Johnson👍👍👍

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 September 2018

A beautiful poem with haunting expression. Interesting to read.

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Khairul Ahsan 02 September 2018

'And, lovely Stella! thou art mine - all the beauty described in the preceding lines fade out when compared to this last! A lovely poem with vernal vibe.

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Susan Williams 02 September 2018

This was so gorgeous both in his age and in ours. I am going to read a ton more of his poetry. The man had skills! ! !

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Adrian Flett 02 September 2018

You can hear the music as you read the lines

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Edmund Strolis 02 September 2018

He paints such a picture of fame, fortune and the wondrous enchantment of the natural world and yet how they pale in comparison to his lovely Stella. The splendid account and reverence of a man of good fortune.

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Glen Kappy 02 September 2018

I like this for its warmth and directness. Johnson, in his time, reminds me of Socrates in his. -GK

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