Time, Reality And Consciousness Poem by Melissa L Tamayo

Time, Reality And Consciousness

Rating: 3.3

What is time?
It is not tangible
The future does not exist
Unless you make it till tomorrow
The past would not have happened
If we were not living
The present is the now
Turning it into something
That you’ve created
Can time be controlled?
Or something just imaginable

What is reality?
Is it only what our minds perceive?
Or only what can be seen?
Is it here or even the places
Which connect the human races?
Is it a pinch felt from a dream?
Or is reality; only while asleep?
Is it what we believe?
Or what is unrevealed?
It is true or something
We never knew?

What is consciousness?
Can you be aware of your own mind?
If you have no concept of time
How could you know your surroundings?
If you’re mind is not expanding
Is it a voice heard from an intangible source?
Or yourself in another world?
What do they mean when it is said
We have an on and off switch;
To our consciousness?
If that’s the case; have I been bewitched?

What is time?
What is reality?
What is consciousness?

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: consciousness,reality,science,time
Chuy Amante 11 October 2015

The great inter-related questions. I'm a sucker for a quiz What is reality? Reality is only NOW and where your consciousness is NOW. Time is controlled by your interaction with karma blessings what a wonderful heart, mind and soul you are! ! !

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 September 2015

they are very big questions you are asking, time, reality and consciousness. so many philosophers and theologians have meditated and written about it. so when you ask such questions in a poem you are also becoming a philosopher of the modern times. very nice thoughts. thank you very much.

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Melissa Tamayo 31 January 2016

Dr. Tony Brahmin, glad you liked it. Time has no limits, time does not exist. It is all an illusion, a way to control the mind without self consciousness. Once you become fully aware of self, the possibilities are endless... Still working on that myself too.... Thank you for reading my poems. I appreciate your comments and feedback very much

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Kelly Kurt 30 May 2015

~~ All very good questions, Melissa. There are no answers though.

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Chuy Amante 02 October 2015

Are you sure of that?

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Kelly Kurt 30 May 2015

All very good questions, Melissa. There are no answers though.

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