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Rating: 4.7

Some are 'sorry' creatures.
They use that word so well;
I bet you've heard it often,
On this they dare not dwell.

For if they took a moment,
To count the 'sorry' toll;
They'd be so disconcerted,
And frightened for their soul.

They choose to just ignore it.
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Vidi Writes 11 January 2009

Sorry... A huge version here. Intention behind the Sorry How many of us are aware to query. Good Subject. Enjoyed and learnt too.

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Chitra - 23 October 2008

wise lines Good advice

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 October 2008

A very beautiful poem it is. Love it.

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Kim Wagener 26 August 2008

this is pure and honest. i really enjoyed reading it and will be sure to keep on exploring your work.

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Leonard Lee 11 August 2008

wow.. a simple yet powerful poem! superb!

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Dana Ghaffari 31 October 2020

Some are 'sorry' creatures. They use that word so well; I bet you've heard it often, On this they dare not dwell. love that...Good job

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Rama Rao 25 July 2010

I believe 'sorry' can be a healing word if we are willing to learn from our past mistakes. But only lip service, makes its usage meaningless. A nice poem highlighting how this word should be used sparingly (by avoiding the road leading towards it!)

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'Sorry is as sorry does', I bet you've heard before. Pray you never see these words, They're found on Hell's front door...nice composed poem sir. i entirely agree.....10 my token reply for it... . I plead for it and say sorry It is causing me worry I couldn't say hello in hurry Doe that look so funny? It is loosing its charm To say 'sorry' is doing more harm The relation get strained and doesn't remain warm You can't embrace your friend in arm

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Cristy Upshaw 09 June 2009

I always say dnt do the things to have to say you're 'sorry.' Very wise write. I hear your voice in this one as well.

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Meggie Gultiano 27 March 2009

Saying 'sorry' in the truest sense is a humble act.Sad to say, some abused this word and go on and on, without thinking what will happen to the person being abused of this word.It is like saying I Love you, ..without the meaning of it, and is another abused word.I would like to end this comment by posting here again your lines that really pulls my heart string, and is very very well defined: ....................................................................... It's not enough to say it, And then just walk away. God requires that love be healed, Before it's held at bay. Thank you, once again my dear Wolfey for this great sharing and the wisdom you have imparted to me today.It helps a lot to this hurting world.God loves you..me, too.Shalom Hugs, Meg

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