Lara (Inspired By Dr. Zhivago) Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

Lara (Inspired By Dr. Zhivago)

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Oh Lara, let me tell you
If I may, this one more time,
How much I really love you,
In poetry and in rhyme.

I see our love more clearly,
Though I'm blind in love with thee.
I hold your love much closer,
For it's yours through which I see.

Your voice is, oh so soothing
As your loving sounds come through.
It keeps me ever yearning
For the sounds of loving you.

I feel loves sweet sensation
Every time I hold your hand.
And draw you ever closer
For that feeling, oh so grand.

Your kisses last forever
As we hold our love in place,
And taste sweet fruit and nectar
When our loving lips embrace.

I smell your pleasant fragrance
As I wander near and far.
Thankful to the girl I love
For the flower that you are.

Oh, Lara, please remember
All the things we lovers say
Are often gone tomorrow,
Placed in dreams of yesterday.

But if you've found contentment,
For I know I've found the same.
We'll have our love forever
And we'll call it by your name.

I wish to dedicate this poem to Boris Pasternak for
the book, David Lean for the direction, Maurice Jarre
for the music, and to Omar Shariff whose portrayal of Zhivago inspired me to become a poet, and finally to Julie Christie
whose image of Lara made this poem possible after 35
years of waiting for the gift to arrive.

Evaughn Gray 09 March 2009

I don't have enough sweet words to actually give a good comment to. all i could muster was amazing, it was utterly amazing. this poem will be in many hearts of poets now and poets to come.. this sweet delicate poem will always be in my heart.. ~ Love Hazel G.E

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Carl Harris 07 February 2009

Although I had read the book by Boris Pasternak, it wasn't until I saw the movie and the portrayals of Zhivago and Lara by Omar Shariff and Julie Christie that I fell in love with the story of Dr. Zhivago, Greenwolfe. The scenery in the film was magnificent and no one who saw that frozen little house in the snow can ever forget it. Your wonderful poem was a beautiful testament to the love of Lara and Zhivago, filled with the amazement of their love for each other despite their each being married to someone else. It is a unique love story, which endured many hardships and heart breaks. You have concentrated your energies and talent upon this poem and done a tremendously effective job with it, well deserving of the praise it has gotten. Carl.

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Holly Hayden 27 January 2009

a beauitful poem a real pleasure to read

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This poem posesses a sweet sensuality that is pleasing to the poetic nostrils.

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Sadiqullah Khan 26 September 2008

The languid look of Lara and the way she is betrayed, , , , , , , , , , Lara to me is the soul of Russia in the novel andby extension the humanity, , , , , , , , only if Boris Pasternek had told us what happened next, , , for if he could bring her back to life then? , , yes lovers will sing songs for her for all times to come, ,1962, you have chosen a worthy inspiration for yourself, , ,

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Lily Law 26 September 2009

Love is so beautiful... Really enjoy ending it... Thanks... ^-^

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Cristy Upshaw 03 June 2009

I have read this more than I can remember and each time it brings me closer and clser to the love the two had. I do need to see the movie and would love to read the book. This is definitely one of my favorites.

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Darla Holt 31 May 2009

This is a beautiful poem, well written with good rhyme. I loved Lara and want to watch the movie again.

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Yelena M. 15 April 2009

Yuri Zhivago (as well as Boris Pasternak himself) always lived on the edge of emotions, an idealist with dreams striking against his reality. In my opinion, you have captured this essence in your poem..also that everlasting hope of an uncontrollable human spirit piercing the novel(unfortunately I have not seen the movie that inspired you so I judge on the basis of the original book) . I also see the reminiscences of the poetic style of Boris Pasternak in general in your work. The poetry of Pasternak in itself is quite clear, vivid to being nearly ecstatic and espressed in 'rhythm and rhyme' pattern, too. Congratulations from me, a great pleasure to read, Greenwolfe! Best wishes to you. A.

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Vaibhav Pandey 12 March 2009

great poem once again sir.....brilliant crafting as usual......10 all the way

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