A Thing Called Hope Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

A Thing Called Hope

Rating: 4.8

In all worthwhile endeavors,
No matter size or scope.
It shall either have a life,
Or die, a thing called hope.

It all depends on caring.
Those willing to take part.
Hope, to be sustained at all;
Requires a beating heart.

Each heart that God created,
Has value each in turn.
When called upon to voice it,
Don't shrink from your concern.

Its in those special moments,
When life gives you a choice;
You'll either sit in silence,
Or stand and lend your voice.

It's with the inspiration
Derived from what you do.
Others may participate
And make your dream come true.

If you need inspiration
To act on your concern,
Just take note of your children,
And how they come to learn.

They look to you for guidance,
To see what they should do.
How to be a citizen.
Concerned, what do they do?

It's now your time for choosing;
Don't sit, and cry, and mope.
It shall either have a life,
Or die, a thing called hope.

Bradley Little 08 February 2009

yet another good poem great job

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Matt Burgett 19 February 2009

well done I like this lots....you have a very flowing style

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Frieda Lumpkins 20 February 2009

I love this poem, I have a Myspace page, and was wondering if you would mind if I put your poem on my blog

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Duh Huh 20 February 2009

The life of mine is renewed with each read of your inspiring, wonderfully written poems. Thank you. :)

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Melanie Williams 26 February 2009

i loved it. i read it aloud to my grandmother and she loved it as well. thank you for this beautiful poem

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Margaret O Driscoll 20 February 2016

Very direct and uplifting

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Hope is such a beautriful thing. Keep hope alive my friend. Well done.

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Rachel Butler 28 October 2009

'It shall either have a life, Or die' Rachel Ann Butler

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Eyan Desir 01 July 2009

Well crafted mister Green

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 30 June 2009

Just because something good ends doesn't mean that something better won't begin. All what we acquire is based on the hope we keepsafe in our lockers with as much practical approach as we can. Regards Naseer

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