Darling Of The Woodland Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

Darling Of The Woodland

Rating: 5.0

She's the darling of the woodland,
And I seek her endlessly.
In the mountains fields and meadows,
Searching every bush and tree.

A forgotten nature's angel
Sent from Heaven's land on high.
Just to charm the modern woodsman
And the birds when passing by.

I see flashes of her image
Just before I turn my head.
When I look, I then see nothing.
Only gold, and green, and red.

With its bright array of flowers
Peeping through its stand of trees,
In what portion of this kingdom
Does she drift on nature's breeze?

While I cherish every moment
In my search for nature's charm,
I have failed to calm her senses
And assuage her quick alarm.

If I find her, I will tell her;
There should be no fear of me.
For I only want to see her
As she is, or wished to be.

Just a darling of the woodland,
And my fairy tale so true.
Giving birth to my illusion;
That she might, by chance, be you.

Talia Anziliero 24 September 2008

Pure bliss, my foe, my friend, my colleague. How do you write poetry with no the effort than the breeze? Reading such beauty, Seeing images in my head, that do not do you justice, oh woe to readers dread. And even though i am young and have yet the world to see, i know, for one... your words shall forever enchant me. Please, do not stop writing, I am sure the world would weep without you to talk away its storms. Cudos!

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June Feir-Cruz 27 September 2008

I felt transported in time and in a different place. Beautiful....

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Jessica Rosalie Smith 01 October 2008

I've read a few of your poems and I have to say that in the future if I am half the poet you are I will be immeasurably content. I think your ability to conjure such vivid images in the reader's mind is astounding and your poetry is beautiful. It flows so naturally and effortlessly. I absolutely loved this poem. =)

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Little Mo 13 January 2009

Beautiful scenes you paint here. A piece that is laden with mystery and magic. When read aloud your words come alive, transporting the reader to another realm. Quite simply exquisite. Mo

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Allan Macli Borges 09 February 2009

i really love this poem. it brings together fairy tales elements that i love. it's brilliant.

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A mystical poem! Enchanting read. Loved her character and the way you portrayed it through your pen! Enjoyed; D

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Rachel Butler 20 September 2009

I have failed to calm her senses And assuage her quick alarm. Rachel Ann Butler

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Deborah Cromer 09 July 2009

Magical! This poem has mystery too, along with desire. I love this poem. :) Truly a fairy tale made. It's a poem and it's a story too. You got the knack and the know-how to get it done. Nice! DC

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Cristy Upshaw 29 May 2009

I have lost count on how mnay times I have read this. I absolutely adore this piece. the fantasy and imagination you have created is such a magical and insightful place to delve.

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youwould like to see some one close to you as the angel there...you take us along with you in this lovely poem to search that angel...excellent...i take this into my favs

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