*** Soulful Ruminations Poem by asma bahrainwala

*** Soulful Ruminations

Rating: 3.1

Emotions, images, ideas
Touch my mind
Like a plectrum touching
The strings of a lyre.

The moment it falls
It generates such rhythm
That fills me with
Poetic stirrings.

The moment I touch the quill
It dips itself into
The magical ink
Contained in a tiny speck.

And it writes…
Giving life to the moments
Lived, yet not
Drunk to the lees.

Emotions, images, ideas
Thus churn themselves into poetry
And evoke in me
Soulful ruminations.

19th August 2007
6.55 pm

Srujini M 03 February 2009

oh, this is how poetry is composed! i always wondered how poetry takes its birth..my best friend used to say something like this about creation in prosaic language, which you have said in a soulful ruminations

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rajagopal haran 04 November 2007

good churning by a great poet; nice poem

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Indira Babbellapati 25 October 2007

asma, what's personal is universal. wonderful representation of a creative mind at work. thnq, young lady!

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Diane Violet 25 October 2007

A touch of soulfilled music Asma! Wonderful poem and it's good to see you again my friend. Hugs, Diane

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Melvina Germain 25 October 2007

You definitely touch the core of soul here, I find this poem not only beautiful in it's picturesque description but very moving as well in a musical sense, excellent poem Asma, I truly enjoyed the read.--Melvina--

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