Is Poet A Lunatic? Poem by asma bahrainwala

Is Poet A Lunatic?

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“A poet is a lunatic—
Beware! ”
This is what I encounter
Each day.

People have a difficulty
Accepting the fact
That creative people are

These people who mock at me
Hurt me real bad.
God! Why don’t they understand?
I am not a lunatic; I am not mad.

Cyclopseven R 19 December 2006

Lets see lunatics as poetic, then you won't feel the pain. What lunatics mean to others is not as important as what 'lunatics' mean to poets. For poets lunatics are wonderful people who make garlands out of words for many to read and share.

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Cephas Oluwaseyitan 10 November 2006

People's reaction many times stands as an object of distraction. I got hooked to it and I lost the zeal for creativity. But this time I am back for the good and I have learnt my lesson.....if a poet is a lunatic I am happy to be wishes

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Jolanta Gradowicz 05 November 2006

I am only a poor poet, but I love to be a poet. It is an amazing feeling to feel creativity and inspiration... I advice you not to be concerned about people who don't understand your poetry. There are so many other people who will. Besides, it is not the most important, I think. Warmest wishes.

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Peter A. Crowther 27 September 2006

Nice one but why not accept being mad?

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Prasanna Kumari 19 September 2006

poets are just ordinary people.i dont feel any difference between before and after writing poems bcos i started witing at 50, now it is only 5years.but people, even my friends keep a distance after i started writing.the only difference is that they are blessed with the power of creation.when will they understand this.. nice poem

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M Asim Nehal 11 May 2021

Good to be lunatic than not to be a poet...

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James B. Earley 12 August 2008

A poet is not a lunatic.......just a wee bit touched! But....are not we all?

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Abha Sharma 21 April 2008

your poems directly connect the poet to the reader...poets are more sensible for they can pen their emotions which otherwise are left unattended by the commom person.... a nice gesture..for poet is NOT MAD...

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Udit Kumar Sahoo 12 April 2007

nice write.i am reminded of a Shakespear's poem where it says the poet.the lunatic and the lover are of made of the same stuff. yes, to some extent, Asma, poets look at things differently because of their possessing, what is called, a 'fevered imagination '.The poet can only see 'beauty in an Egypt's brow '. ...udit.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 26 February 2007

What a great way to look at peoples reaction to being a poet... asma they make you feel like you are doing wrong... You know what they say, only another poet really understands a poet...10

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