** (My First Attempt At Satire) Poem by asma bahrainwala

** (My First Attempt At Satire)

Rating: 3.7

A mighty nincompoop
The presiding deity seated on
The canonical pedestal
Sways his scepter
That much resembles a torch
Emitting puffs of smoke.

But this torch is no beacon
As it blurs his (own) vision
And fills his (own) mind with smoke.

All his devotees who
Prostrate themselves before him
Choke and gasp for a breath
Of fresh air and of some hope
In his temple so filled with smoke.

This dunce, this numskull,
This egghead with a sight so short
And so petty in his thoughts
Roars with laughter
At his own silly jokes
No doubt! His mind is filled with smoke.

He divines the past
And anticipates that which is
Long dead and gone
None can check him
None can even mock
Because his mind is filled with smoke.

With his pretense of wisdom and knowledge
He tries to thrust people into bondage.
He is a casuist outright who
Twists and bends facts
And infiltrates minds with sheer non-sense.
He dissuades any new sprout
Nips it in the bud, discredits creativity,
Stamps it with a thud.

6th September 2007
11.00 PM

Diane Violet 09 November 2007

Asma, I have to agree with Doc.......................Hugs, Diane

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Srujini M 17 February 2009

this is a very very powerful satire.if this is the effect it creates on being 'first attempt' what deadly satires will follow.we are waiting. 'head filled with smoke' liked this expression, thanx

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 05 January 2009

true picture, the last three lines were amasing, i tried one on the same' made gods'....thanks for sharing

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Omar Ali Sabar 13 August 2008

A very well thought and versed poem. You have talent and promise

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Catastrophe King 21 December 2007

This one's quiet a reserched write....... interesting to read! Thank you!

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Zubyre Parvez 13 December 2007

Yea.. it's unfortunate that some those very accomplished Gurus also do bad deeds on the sly, like Sai Baba fondling kids. The Goodness Gracious Me satires have an element of truth and are very funny. Osho was a truely helpful Guru but he was misunderstood -they saw his 100 Mercedes and couldn't cope with the paradoxical juxtaposition of his vast and contradictory nature, but he's done alot for India and the west, alot I'd say. I think theres a great many good gurus out there, just they've been bad pressed and are hard to find, its difficult to see whose genuine whose fake. Theres some great female teachers though like Amma, Mother Meera.

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