Gianna Jett

Sounds Of Fallen Stars - Poem by Gianna Jett

When the moon kisses me I yearn for another life
I lust for what I should have been
This life has found a place I cannot escape
This world consumes me so that I cannot breathe
It's a constant battle as this life traps me so
All of the world suffocates me
Trapped within this world, the earth had broken me and scarred the life it has given me
I am a soul that cannot be, that mustn't be
The stars await tonight, watch them as they revolt in my honor
I hear the distant cries of a world that once belonged to me
But how did I ever end up here, like this
Raptured by my own innocence and raped by my very own ignorance
I am as brilliant as the stars, but no one can hear me
Not here as I sit alone
In the cold dark world's war which underestimated me as I tear away the past
I cast the past away from who I once was in the future
So that I can finally be complete within who I truly am
In my own trilogy that exists between complicated love and galactic hatred that falls into me
Watch me awaken for the first time as I sleep for the last time
Tears fall from the skies as it rains stars upon the desert sands
Hear it, listen so shallow in its own shadows
Taste the bitter sweet blood that flows from my veins
Look at them all, creatures of the earth that now seek me
How lovely I am when I am upon the face of the moon
Left them all to wallow below as I rise above
My name is poison upon their lips
Passionate is all that I have left behind
Only those that I love and adore have taken me by the promises that I have become
Gold dust comets the skies as the diamonds scatter the earth
I am back where I belong it is where I was born
A place where I am free and I always knew that I would be again
There are no limits to who or what I am
What I am exists within the power of my own destination
Bursts into the flames that glow in the fire of the earth
It is the wind that calms the ocean shores
I am swimming in the waters of those that once knew me
But these are the ones that will never know who I truly am or who I was meant to be
Some will think that I only exist within their own imagination
Others will know that they have only dreamt of me
But the chosen will know without doubt that I am a part of their soul!

Kiss the stars tonight as I sing you their lullaby,
Mouths of the earth are thirsty.

Doesn't it sting when I make you feel dumb,
Like the times when you are left numb.

Waves of the sea rise over your face,
How does the misery of revenge taste.

Feel me through the ocean tides,
Taking the breath away of the evil it kills inside.

It kills me every time you say goodbye,
Haunts me when we say our final goodnight.

In a world so cold that I do not know where I'd be without you,
What is betrayed by us with what we know to be untrue.

Topic(s) of this poem: immortality, moon

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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