Speaking Of Love Poem by Joseph Anderson

Speaking Of Love

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Love is like a mountain pathway,
Filled with many dips and bends;
And the urge to scale this mountain,
Never, ever really ends.

Once, I met a modest maiden
And she lit some inner fire,
Lifting me to near nirvana;
Love, oh love, such sweet desire.

All to soon she left, departed
From my life of grateful bliss.
Took from me those wondrous moments;
We can't deny death's final kiss.

Could I, should I seek another?
Yes, and once again I sup
Life's sweet nectars and the taste
Of chocolates in my coffee cup.

Love is like a mountain pathway,
To it's height we should aspire;
As we walk along this byway,
Love, oh love, such sweet desie.

Ruby Honeytip 22 November 2012

Better to have loved and lost? Don't know....I guess it's a perspective thing. Loves exploration and fascination never ends....even though people do. Peace and love be with you in every form x

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Walterrean Salley 24 June 2012

A great analogy of true love. Very sorry for your painful loss, but, unfortunately, death is inevitable -even in the blissful state of life. Glad you found strength, and were able to go on.10

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