A Humble Man Poem by Joseph Anderson

A Humble Man

Rating: 4.7

Can you find a humble man,
Glad to be on God's green earth?
One who holds no greedy plan,
Knowing wealth has no true worth.

Perhaps, if you search around
You may find the one I seek;
Standing firm on shaky ground
Proud, yet modest, kind, yet meek.

If your search discovers him
Would you for a moment pause,
To lift his precious diadem
And return to me, because

I cannot find the one I seek,
Someone with a gentle plan;
Proud, yet modest, kind, yet meek;
Can you find a humble man?

Heather Wilson 04 May 2012

Maybe, just a thought, if you have a mirror he could be in there., take care of him if he is! A wonderful poem, so well written

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Valsa George 17 October 2012

When such people are becoming an extinct species, we look up to people like you to see if that diadem is on your head! Not a joke! Your poems and your comments have been inspiring sir and truely I miss them now! !

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Valerie Dohren 24 November 2012

There aren't many of them around Thomas, but they must exist somewhere - I am sure you are one of them to possess such understanding, and to be able to produce such a wonderful poem.

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Patricia Grantham 11 March 2013

Hello Joseph, It is better to be humble than proud because pride comes before a fall. A humble child taste the grace. A very good rendition of a heart warming poem. This poem was issued out of a humble heart. Appreciate the opportunity for a good read.

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Patricia Grantham 11 March 2013

Hello Joseph This is a wonderful poem. A good rendition on humility, you must be the subject of this touching piece of poetry for this was written from the heart. Thank you.

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Patricia Grantham 31 January 2018

A humble man tastes the grace. I am humbled by your poem Joseph. Nice and thank you.

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 January 2016

Yes, the very one with the laws of righteousness. Nice work.

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Clarence Prince 10 November 2014

Such a one is extremely hard to find, Joe! But, there is hope, all things are possible with God, that’s why we must trust Him. A wonderful poem, thanks for sharing!

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 31 January 2014

As we grow older Joe. the egos tend to shrink. Only a humble and gifted man could write a poem like this.

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Heather Wilkins 21 September 2013

there are very few humble men today. their egos get in the way. good write

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