Shipping Out Poem by Joseph Anderson

Shipping Out

Rating: 4.8

Another station soon to be
Left, and other quarters.
Let us drink a hearty draught
To her and her memory.

Here we lived and here we worked
And here we played our little parts,
Now as the curtain falls, our hearts
Rebel at thoughts of duty shirked

And revel in the memory of
The many tasks that were performed,
The friendships that were made and warmed
In the sunlight of a love.

A love of youth, of play and life,
Working together toward an end;
Now our work is done, we wend
Our journey to the distant strife.

One more station lost to time,
One more milestone on our path;
We look for what the future hath
For us, in our new home, and I'm

Looking back with mingled joy
And sorrow, at the leaving of
A 'Bunch of Joes' I learned to love
As brothers, (I'm an only boy.

I leave behind a part of me,
So many comrades leave I here;
And sometime in my memory
I'll live again this pleasant year.

For now, farewell yon home of mine,
I've other homes on down the line.

Written in 1944, when I was a member of
the U.S. Air Forces. I think it speaks of
the esprit de corps and camaraderie which
still exists with our current veterans.

Walterrean Salley 04 June 2012

A great tribute to your comrades, depicting a strong bond, and sad departure. But always the fine memories. 10

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Juan Olivarez 17 May 2012

beautifil sentiments, I was never in the military but two of my sons are marines. Diego my second born was just shipped to okinawa for three years.'e has been there twice beforebut this time got to take his wif and kids.when he returns with God's good will, he will have been in nineteen years.Thank you for your service joe. God bless.

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Smoky Hoss 12 May 2012

An absolutely wonderful poem, a piece of your gentle soul shared with all the world. Thank you Joseph very much.

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Valerie Dohren 09 May 2012

Great poem, expressing the wonderful sentiments of comradeship and associated memories.

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Heather Wilson 08 May 2012

I Salute you Sir, I`m sure that was a wonderful walk down memory lane, a so well described poem of part of your Air Force days and my pleasure to read.

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