A One Eyed Man Poem by Joseph Anderson

A One Eyed Man

Rating: 4.8

This man with only one good eye,
Had labored long to find
The path to God, in a troubled world
That seemed completely blind.

He saw man's temples rise and fall,
He saw nature's wrath prevail;
He saw the mighty dominate
The humble, meek and frail.

He studied faith's theologies
And watched their wars unfold;
His two eyed friends excuses were-
'These things have been foretold'.

Still, on he searched the mysteries
Of life's final afterglow;
Till, void of hope, he realized
Some things we cannot know.

Today, they closed his one good eye,
As nature planned, he died;
Could he with two good eyes have seen,
What is on the other side?

Eman Obied 11 August 2010

very deep and thought evoking.

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Mohammad Muzzammil 07 November 2010

Your language is simple but message is great. A man who sees only one side of thing is poor like that one eyed man who couldn't see what was there on otherside of his eye. If a person beholds on only one side of thing, he can't enjoy properly and he'll be considered blind to that side. Anyhow, your poem is good to be appreciated.

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Wendy Thopliss 23 March 2011

There you go again another great one Joe, loved it.

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Smoky Hoss 18 April 2012

2 eyes to see,2 hands to clap,2 legs to dance; no matter what we have it's how we use them that matters. Great poem my friend!

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Valerie Dohren 01 May 2012

Excellent writing, food for thought.

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Hans Vr 19 April 2014

Beautiful. Life journey searching for truth. As long as we keep searching for Truth with a big T, we will keep discovering new things with the eye of our mind. Thought provoking and very nicely written poem.

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Gleb Zavlanov 03 August 2013

This is an incredible, well-crafted poem. I really enjoyed it. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Heather Wilkins 03 August 2013

a good last stanza he could have looked through his third eye and seen all.

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Patricia Grantham 27 March 2013

Well Joseph you have really climbed on the top of the mountain with this one! A person can be totally blind and experience and learn a lot more than someone who can see. In the case of the one eyed man his sight was limited but his heart was not. I truly enjoyed this excellent write.

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Ray Quesada 06 November 2012

He saw man's temples rise and fall, He saw nature's wrath prevail; He saw the mighty dominate The humble, meek and frail. -- -- Joseph, this was my favorite part of your poem; I think the temples can be interpretted literally, but can also represent man's Ego, how a man's accomplishments through life continue to blind him from seeing himself as he truly is...but then in death it is taken all away, and all the power, wealth, etc. is like a crumbling monument to man's greed and ignorance. BEAUTIFUL poem my friend! ! !

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