A Dogs Life Poem by Joseph Anderson

A Dogs Life

Rating: 5.0

In an attempt to lighten up my poem site I offer
this doggeral style ditty about my neighbor's dog-

I used to range those farming fields,
It became my daily habit;
And oft when roaming far and wide,
I'd catch a big fat rabbit.

Every possum, skunk and cat I saw
Were always under siege.
I'd chase them til completely pooped
Then sit and scratch my fleas.

But, then my master moved to town,
Oh! What a dreadful change;
Now, I am tethered to a leash,
No longer can I range.

I cannot run, or bark, or jump
But, in neighbor's yard I poop.
My master, though required by law
Does not own a pooper-scoop.

They call me Rover, though I can't,
That causes me much strife.
At last I've learned why one would say
'I'm leading a dog's life'.

Ken E Hall 18 February 2014

A doggorn look at a delightful life of your neighbors pooch, humour so funny with fleas and all, great...regards

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David Wood 05 April 2013

What a wonderful poem I like your style. It rhymes beautifully.

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John Brown 25 September 2012

Funny one Joseph. It made me laugh. Someone ought to sort out those fleas though!

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Constance K Yost 28 August 2012

This pooch may not be able to roam but he sure has a fantastic way with words! I do feel a bit bad for him, I lived in town once, for a while.

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Simon Gowen 08 August 2012

I was tempted to give a canine out of 10.....but you deserve full marks.

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A B Faniki 24 September 2019

Well crafted and brilliant. Thanks for sharing

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Ramesh Rai 05 June 2018

A poet means to understand and realize the feeling of every creature. This poem is one of the same. Poet has nicely depicted his emotions. Thanks for sharing. A big 10.

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Connie Yost 09 March 2017

Hi, Joseph, this is such a cute poem. I can relate. I moved into town last year, my cat feels quite miffed since he has to stay in the house.

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Adeline Foster 25 September 2016

Loved the humor, even the second time around. Read mine - The Cat Is Free - Adeline

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Tom Billsborough 28 May 2016

I have cats and they've always had the good sense to use somebody else's garden. This almost had me in tears! Very funny poem.

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