Special Friend In Need Poem by John Knight

Special Friend In Need

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Everybody needs a Friend sometime
No one stands alone
Makes no matter if you're - just out if jail
Or a Monarch on his throne!

'Have you got a Friend? ' I asked
The man in the snow - at the Prison Gate
'I could be a Friend for you'
'I could help you to go straight! '

He looked at me and laughed a laugh
That was both low and hoarse,
'I've never had a friend' he said
'Though I've needed one of course'.

I thought of his life - and I thought of mine,
And the years that in Prison he'd spend
For I had friends all over the World
But he - hadn't a single friend!

No one to meet him - no one to greet him
After ten long years inside
No one to give him a friendly HUG
No Parents - No Siblings - No Bride!

'I'll be your friend' - I said again
'Where would you like to go? '
I opened the door of my ancient car
'It's better than freezing in the snow! '

'Why should yer bother wit me? ' He asked
'Your right outer me class'
'But gizza a ride to the Y M C A'
'They've give me a two week pass'

I knew that the folk at the Y M C A
Would be able to help my New Friend
They asked no quetions - they told no lies
And two weeks in PEACE he could spend.

I introduced Fred to my Friend Alan Jones
Night Warden of the local 'Y'
He turned round to thank me - but I'd disappeared
A call from my Boss in the Sky!

You see I am an ANGEL - I'm your Special Friend
I'm a link in God's Holy Chain
And when he sees a need - of a person on Earth
I'm part of the team He will send

I blend in the background - with my ancient car
My wings and my halo's in Heaven
We have a sat-nav so we know where we are
And we operate twenty-four-seven!

I checked with my friend at the 'Y' Alan Jones
Six months after my contact with Fred
He said that he had done very well
Found a suitable job and not just mopsing in bed.

I made a quick note in my 'note book'
Commission with Fred now complete
Another lost soul has been plucked from despair
And now he stands tall - stands tall on his own two feet!

So always remember - I'm your forever Friend
Your - Leave you never Friend
From darkest night - to rainbows end
I'M YOUR FOREVER FRIEND! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Dedicated to all my lovely Friends on Poemhunter

(John Knight - Colchester - October 2009)

Connie Tallada 26 October 2009

So always remember - I'm your forever Friend Your - Leave you never Friend From darkest night - to rainbows end I'M YOUR FOREVER FRIEND! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! this poem marks an everlasting friendship....10

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Georgia Girl 21 October 2009

This is such a caring write and written so beautifully, we always find friends when we least expect it, and with no other motivation except to be there for us :) ...10

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Patti Masterman 21 October 2009

This is such an inspiring story. Things like this make excellent material for poetry.

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John Knight

John Knight

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