Soul Mate Poem by John Knight

Soul Mate

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Someone whose love is not bounded by space or time
Someone who is there for you - twenty four seven
Someone who is never moody or bad tempered
Someone whose intercourse is intelectual
Someone whose prime love is your mind not you body
Someone whose love is not stopped by creed or culture
Someone who is never ever jealous of others
Someone who will never leave you in a crisis
Someone who lives for you and would so die for you
Someone who loves you in a very unique way
Someone who always listens to your problems
Someone who can provide answers to your problems
Someone whose love is not bounded by time or space.

This poem is dedicated to my SOUL MATE

(John Knight - September 2009)

Vanessa Cabrera 03 April 2010

SOULMATE i never believe in soulmate before but now, why should i not believe? if that's the only reason why my hope is not vanish, of finding my one.Nice poem honey! i love it. Wish to be your soulmate.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 December 2009

Is it a Poetic Utopia? Soul-Mate [in uppercase] who can be? You can understand…I suppose… But soul-mates are in many and plenty [by virtue changing partner = changing soul… vogue today...what you dear readers think? Tenner Ms. Nivedita UK

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Tamara - Hanaring 14 September 2009

is that someone is you then lucky is she to have you whom can warm her winter and overcome the storms of the ways, and surpass any time or space..

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Beauty Philosophy 11 September 2009

A good love declaration! Your soul mate must be happy to hear that. A well-crafted poem.

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 11 September 2009

SOUL MATE. two bodies, one Soul to find your SOUL MATE is to find your LIFE, is to find the eternal hope, is to find the eternal PEACE. you revealed all secret creteria of the SOUL MATE.

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John Knight

John Knight

Liverpool - UK
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