Spice Of Life Poem by Kavya .

Spice Of Life

Rating: 2.5

Life is beautiful
Yes! its colorful
The value of which unfortunately
is best judged by only a handful!

Ask the value of life to an ill patient
Who is counting his days over a span
Who is nearing death
Who is not able to enjoy life like others can!

Ask the value of life to a person who's blind
Who is craving to see things around
Who is able to feel everything
But not able to enjoy the joy in life that surround!

Ask the value of life to a caged bird or animal
Who is longing to have freedom
To wander freely like other animals
But unable to, due to cruel act of some!

Ask the value of a life to a tree or a plant or a flower
That is soon to get axed or cut
Who has the desire to live
Who can't express its feelings but!

The best judges of life are those
Who are not able to live life though alive
The desire remains unfulfilled
The crave remains within to survive!

Today, we who are able to enjoy the bliss of life
Crib on petty things and make our mind vicious
Ain't we all blessed to be able to Live Life
As every moment of it is so Precious!

These things came to my mind seeing the condition of a person whom I know, who is suffering from cancer and struggling for her life, counting her last days. She is a vibrant and young lady but fate has meted out this cruelty, hence this poem.
Aswath Raman 13 August 2013

True. Every moment is precious and to be lived to the fullest. Those who mull over silly things, have a lot to understand from the surroundings of the people who cannot live upto their dreams. A wonderful write akka!

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Chandra Thiagarajan 13 August 2013

This IS a brilliant poem Kavya, dear. The way you've started the poem, the manner in which you went through out the write and in the end the summation is all wonderful in lovely verses! Enjoyed!

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Heather Wilkins 03 October 2013

enjoy every moment of life.. make the most of it.

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Shahzia Batool 26 August 2013

a complete and a pleasant lesson with all poetic delight here which makes us able to swallow the bitter pill without feeling bitter about it...a beautiful poem kavya! ! !

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Valerie Dohren 21 August 2013

So true Kavya, we should make the most of life while we can. Great write.

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Geetha Jayakumar 14 August 2013

Every moment is precious. Live every moment...Beautiful poem Kavya. Loved reading each lines....

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Valsa George 14 August 2013

We cannot call back yesterday or bid time return! So cherish every moment of life when we can while those who are deprived of many things, pine for what we are abundantly blessed with! A great write, Kavya! !

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